Serving people, improving the planet
A hypoallergenic and eco-sustainable product
An absorbent material that combines clay bound to fabric via a proprietary process


Biodiapers is developing a range of sustainable products characterized by superlative absorption, comfort, and skin protection.

The core technology is extremely versatile and can be applied to virtually any type of absorption-requiring product, not least for those that stand to benefit from a contact soothing function thanks to the unique properties of the natural materials employed.

In addition, the technology represents the next level in very high surface area nanoparticle-based absorbency products possessing quite unique physical and chemical properties when compared to the current synthetic products .The abundant availability and inexpensive cost of the raw materials will enable sustainable economic development and manufacturing scale up. Biodiapers products will, in short, be safe, extremely effective, free of chemicals and dyes and uniquely leak-free.

About us

Biodiapers develops smart, cleantech absorbency products for infants, women and the elderly. Through our ecofriendly diapers, we aim to reduce the massive environmental impact of conventional diapers, which take hundreds of years to decompose. Our biodegradable diapers are integrated with a nanoclay particle-based superabsorbent technology that is designed to reduce the incidence of adverse skin reactions and urinary tract infections frequently triggered by conventional diapers.

Raising the standard, from top to bottom

We are a young, Italian company passionate about innovation, people and the environment. Our mission is to:

1 -

 raise the standard in absorbency products

2 -

reduce the massive environmental impact of conventional diapers

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