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BioDiapers: a totally hypoallergenic and sustainable product.

An absorbent material that combines clay bound to a texture with a patented process.

BioDiapers is an innovative project in the consumer and healthcare market. BioDiapers is a startup that deals with the production and marketing of products for the absorption of children, women and senile.

Eco Absorbency - Friendly.

Sensitivity is also woman: the sustainable choice you wanted.

Absorbency without thoughts

The tranquillity of being dry.

Absorbency without irritation problems and Allergy

Even for the most delicate skins.

Do you know that... everything you need to know about diapers and tampons

Did you know that 1% of the world’s landfill content is made up of absorbents and diapers?

The Innovation

Innovation in Absorbencyfrom childhood needs to feminine and senile needs – comes to us from Nature. Clay is the natural element that leads to this revolution: BioDiapers has created a brand new absorbent material, which combines clay bound to a fabric through a patented process, thus creating a totally hypoallergenic and sustainable product.

The innovative technology used by BioDiapers is based on micro-granular clay, an absolutely natural element traditionally used in the Middle East until the middle of the last century by mothers and their children. The clay neutralizes the organic materials with which it comes into contact. The different grain sizes of the granular clay are inserted into a natural fabric with a mesh structure.

The products.
Natural absorbency for every need.

The product developed is able to perform, in addition to the traditional containment function, also a preventive function, through the dehydration and neutralization of biological materials.

Clay, by its nature, has highly absorbent and hygienic functions.

The granulation and porosity of the clay makes it possible to increase the quantity of surface on which excretions are deposited.

 The innovative approach consists not only in the selection of the material, but also in the use of an appropriate granular size.

Biodiapers has also developed two other product lines:

  • The first is characterized by a modern absorbent diaper that uses the natural properties of clay and who has the capacity to isolates human fluids from skin contact with a patented collection space;
  • The second is also characterized by the presence of biosensors to reveal e.g. blood presence in the feces.


Fields of application:


A new diaper produced with exclusively natural, sustainable and hypoallergenic materials, the absorbent part in micro-granular clay guarantees high levels of absorbency, odour control and rapid dehydration even of the faeces.


A modern absorbent, natural and comfortable to use. Long stay and control of absorbency thanks to the naturalness of the micro-granular clay.


A diaper that can stay on longer without frequent changes, urine and faecal control even in bedridden patients, reducing the risk of infection.

The target market

The company, through its technologies targets the following markets:

  • The consumer healthcare market: this market shows a TAM of 405b USD and projects a CAGR of 5.6% on average until 2024

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